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KOVER Srl has been producing airborne medical devices UV STERIL AIR SYSTEM since 20 years, which are uniques for its technology and design for medical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.
KOVER Srl leads its activity with a programme of partecipation extremely extensive and it is present in the world, directly or through Partners, with a highly specialized sale structure that trades and distributes the own products.
UV STERIL AIR SYSTEM medical devices have been designed and realized to be placed in all those areas where it is necessary environments and people protection from the biological agents risks. (ex. operating theatre, analysis labs, dentists' offices, etc. ).
UV STERIL AIR SYSTEM are PATENTED, they responds to the directive MEDICAL DEVICES 93/42 CEE (Medical equipment Class I)
Its effectiveness is documented and certified by reliable Institutes and Universities in Europe, Russia, Canada and Greece by means of specific tests.
The quality control of our products and materials used is strictly checked in accordance with the set of rules at current use and it is guaranteed by certification.
This equipment, unique for its kind, can be used both in the MEDICAL field and in all the areas where it is necessary to reduce the airborne microorganisms.

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