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Microbiological Analysis

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Picture N. 1 reports the comparison among the elements concerning the air outside and the air inside a room for discharge of waste material (the last one considered as model of extreme contamination).T he external values have been measured to consider their influence on the internal ones. The values of initial contamination are those relative to 9.30 a.m. The first drawing at 11.45 a.m. after the installation of the lamp shows a considerable reduction of micro-organism charges in the air in correspondance with the initial charge. This reduction, estimated net of the variations of the external microbical charge, represents the 50%. The final results show a completally different mycrobiological environmental situation with respect tothe initial one. If, in the beginning the levels of internal microbical charge exceed the external ones, after the treatment with the SPECTRAL UV lamp the situation is completally changed, by obtaining negligible values of internal pollution.

A significant test has been executed by withdrawing the air in correspondence with the small opening entrance of the SPECTRAL UV lamp and from the small opening exit of the same lamp (picture N. 2). From the values it is possible to see that the mycrobiological pollution levels of the air are quite high before passing through the fotolitico treatment, compared to those ones after the treatment.


The germicidal lamp SPECTRAL UV use represents a substantial physical mean of biological struggle to destroy the micro-organisms living in the air.
In order to test the ability of the lamp to render air hygienic, a room measuring 70 tu. m. was sprayed with Bacillus Subtilis.

A series of air samples were then taken over a period of lime to test the level of microbe pollution in the air. The air was sampled using an S.A.S. system both before and after the Spectral UV Germicidal Lamp was turned on. The results, as can be seen tram Figure 3, show a drastic reduction in the levels of microbe pollution aver this period, a clear demonstration of how effective this equipment is at destroying germs.

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