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  • Hospitals
  • Dental laboratories
  • Doctors office
  • Veterinary offices
  • Waiting rooms
  • Analysis laboratories
  • Pharmceutical industries
  • Food laboratories
  • Breeding farms
  • Area for food and drink production
  • Homes
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Schools
Operation is based on a closed-cycle forced ventilation system. When air is taken in by the unit it passes through a mechanical filter at the entry valve where larger pollutants are blocked, thus avoiding dirtying the germicidal lamps.
The air is then forced into direct contact with mercury vapor tubes which emit UV-C rays, completing maximum germicidal action.
A high power reflecting specular screen concentrates the UV-C radiation reflections. The air speed is 0,1 meter/second and the volume of air treated is approx. 100 m3/h. The air is then expelled through theexit valve, micro-biologically clean.


  • Continuous closed cycle working.
  • UVGI technology (Ultraviolet germicidal Irradiation) Irradiation 485J/m2 (λ 253,7 nm).
  • Air treatment 400m3/h.
  • Disinfection degree 99,99% (rif. Mycobacterium tubercolosis).
  • Use with presence of people without risk.
  • Maintenance of the disinfection in real time.
  • Absence of ozone.
  • General switch and fuse, Electronic power supply.
  • Electronic power to keep watch on the filters and tubes.
  • Optical safety device tube control, Remote control.
  • Air Ionizer - negative ions.
  • Stand, Filter

The main applications of UV STERIL DUCT studied for the air disinfection in the air conditioning system can be used:
  • hospitals
  • dental laboratories
  • doctors office
  • veterinary offices
  • analysis laboratories
  • pharmceutical industries
  • food laboratories
  • breeding farms
  • area for food and drink production
  • homes
  • offices
  • schools
We have a dedicated software that basing on the kind of room, on the risk level of contamination and on the measurements of the room itself, it identifies the right device and the right quantity in order to obtain the right disinfection.
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